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Vegetal - The Album

Few of my recent work gathered together in a small album.

Here’s “Vegetal” recently ordered  from Saal Digital Uk.

All the photos presented are black and white scanned from medium format film, and considering my previous experience with different printing companies, I didn’t expect much, to be completely honest.

Camphill Charity Project at the end

Friday, May 16th was the opening of the exhibition which ends the project began three months ago, as a respond to a similar project in Poland. The atmosphere was great, full of emotion for me and all the guests – with good humour, good music and special appearances.

Thank you.

I recently discovered that some of my work has been featured in the Summer 2103 ISSUU Elite Magazine published by JC&A. I am truly humbled by this, and can only say a big thank you to JC&A for this great honour.